Tuesday, January 28, 2020

WIP - Black Hoods Cavalry for Saga - Part 4

Additional progress on the Black Hoods riders tonight. One advantage of blogging about works in progress is the photos often help you decide what needs more work. In this case some of the highlighting on the brown pants was too heavy-handed.

Tonight I was able to fix this. I also highlighted the weapons, painted the boots and stirrups and did some final touch ups on most of the figures. A second pass was also taken at the standard bearer's totem. At this point it's time to set these aside and work on the shields and the ponies.

The deadline for the Saga Thorsday painting contest is coming upon me like a freight train. I was hoping to record all the work on these on stream, but to make the deadline I may have to do some of the work on my off days.

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Matt Crump said...

Nice work coming along as a unit👍