Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Hobby Room Construction - Part 2

Update #2 for the hobby room construction. The framing has been completed, including two storage closets and the wall to separate the finished space from the mechanical/utility room. Next up is the wiring, which I'll be doing myself.


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

New Hobby Room - Construction Begins

I've recently relocated to a new home now that I'm single again. When picking the home I prioritized getting something with an area I could dedicated to a painting studio and wargaming room. My old place had a finished basement family room and a 'bonus' room that I converted for this purpose. I wanted something similar. What I found was a nice home with a completely unfinished basement, but one with high ceilings and full-sized windows. This first photo is where the game table will be.

These are photos of the project after two days of work by the carpenters. The walls are lined with rigid foam insulation as a heat and vapor barrier. This is a necessary step here in New Hampshire where that concrete is below freezing part of the year. The room will eventually have a hung ceiling to allow for access to mechanical functions. 

The space will feature a generous area for a 6'x12' table, with a side area for my painting studio and display cases. I'm hoping to have it all finished in time for the flurry of gaming we all hope to do as vaccinations become the norm. This final photo looks into the painting studio area.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

28mm 'Romanized' Samnites

Ten Old Glory 28mm Samnites. These will be artillery train guard 'soldier' stands in Hannibal At the Gates. Each stand will be five figure groups as shown. I've equipped these with Roman scutum shields and more uniform tunics while retaining their traditional Samnite helmets. 

I experimented with contrast paints on the tunics with results I'm not thrilled with. The helmet feathers are also contrast paints and I'm thrilled with how they look. The rest of the work on the figures used traditional techniques.  Ten figures, to start the year's painting progress off. Next up on the painting table are eight more Samnites. These next ones will be Samnite 'colorful legion' warriors to be used as mercenaries in Saga Age of Hannibal games.

One note: I'm still working on my new studio space, so my laser cutter/engraver is currently out of service, so basing many of the figures I've painted this year will be a big project for later this year.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

2020 Year in Review

This post is criminally late. I apologize for that. What can I say about 2020 that hasn't been said thousands of times before? For me 2020 included, in addition to the pandemic, some personal challenges. I got divorced, had to buy a new home, move and start many parts of my life over. Through it all, my wargaming hobby, family and friends (many of them are wargamers) helped me get through the dark times. Here's hoping 2021 is as much as an improvement for all of you that I hope it will be for me.

Now on to the hobby content. My favorite unit of the year, pictured top left, was my Macedonian Hypaspists. Honorable mention go to my Finnish WWII Ski Patrol squad. A majority of the projects this year were 28mm Macedonians, with a smattering of Finnish WWII and even one science fiction project, some Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniatures that I painted for my friend Gordon. Due to being held up in isolation from the global pandemic, painting totals were up significantly over 2019, but games were way down. Much of what I painted is yet to be based, as I still haven't finished setting up the infrastructure for my laser cutter, so I am without means to cut bases. Hopefully that will be resolved soon.

This year's totals:

  • Painted 25/28mm Figures:235
  • Painted 28mm Vehicles: 2
  • Terrain/Misc Created: 8
  • Stands Re-based: 0
  • Puchased Painted 28mm Figures:133
  • Purchased Painted 28mm Vehicles:0
  • X-wing Mods & Re-paints: 4
  • Games Hosted: 1
  • Games Played: 8

Games played this year were primarily virtual games. The majority of these were one on one games of Chain of Command played via Zoom generously hosted by my friend Greg. The one game I hosted was an outdoor game open air in my garage.  


I paused painting completely for about four months while I was in transition between homes. Once my new home was purchased I set up a temporary studio in a spare bedroom in order to resume painting and streaming on my channel. My new home has an unfinished basement that I've already begun finishing. This new space will hopefully be just as nice or maybe a little better than my previous game room and painting studio. Being single does have some advantages. When buying houses I looked more intently at the basements than any married man would have the luxury of doing. 

Here's hoping 2021 brings all of you a vaccine, and a return to face-to-face gaming. I know we all could use more of THAT.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Laser Infrastructure - Part 1

This past summer I got a divorce and bought a new home to live in. One of the unfortunate consequences of this is I have to re-build all of the support infrastructure that is required to operate my laser engraver. Although the laser is an amazing tool for both my wargaming and radio-control aircraft hobbies, it does require a large amount of infrastructure to operate safely. This is part one of what I hope will only be two installments on this subject. This does include efforts that spanned several months, but for brevity I am including them all here in one update.

To the left two switches and an outlet. The outlet is an always-on 110 volt AC outlet to power the laser. Not shown are the two receptacles that the switches operate, both are elsewhere. Eventually this wall will be covered in drywall. On the opposite side of the wall will be an airbrush compressor run by the left-most switch. This blows compressed 30 PSI (2 bar for you non-Imperial types) air in the path of the laser to clear smoke which would impede the laser's ability to cut.   

The right-most switch is a three-way switch that operates this 600 CFM (0.3 m^3/s) exhaust 'blower' that evacuates the combustion byproducts from the laser. This keeps the air in the laser cabinet clear of power-sapping smoke as well as prevents it from asphyxiating the operator. Very important that this works properly! The other partner to the three-way switch is located where my spray booth will be, allowing me to use the exhaust system for both purposes by adding in some 'blast gates' for the vent pipes. 

Finally, an all-metal vent added to the exterior of my new home. This was by FAR the most nerve-wracking part of the operation. I needed to buy a proper mounting plate and line up everything so that it fit properly over the vinyl siding. As far as I'm concerned, it looks pretty good to me!

Part two of this will be running all of the interior piping for the exhaust system, including the blast gates and junctions for the spray booth and laser. Some of this is going to require me to order some specialty parts not offered at the local home center. Luckily, now that I have the external work done, I can do the exhaust piping even during the winter months - possibly during Christmas break since I won't be doing a lot of visiting with family due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Sunday, December 6, 2020

28mm Baleric Slingers for Saga Age of Hannibal

Another unit of mercenaries for Saga Age of Hannibal. These are eight Baleric slingers. They're from Warlord Games Hail Cesar line. I tried experimenting with mixing the brighter colored GW contrast paints with some of the light browns to make some of the colors more muted to represent ancient plant-based dyes. I think they came out well. 

I still need to base them but I'm under four hours for the eight figures, and I'm happy with how they came out. Eight more figures added to my annual painting totals.

Friday, December 4, 2020

28mm Ligurians for Saga Age of Hannibal

These are eight Old Glory Ligurians. I still have to base them up, but the painting is complete. Shield transfers are LBMS. 

I've painted these up as mercenaries for Saga age of Hannibal. I'm not entirely sure which army I'm going to paint up, so I decided to start with some decent mercenary units instead of picking core troops to work on.

Eight figures for the 2020 painting totals.

Next up on the painting table, some more Saga Age of Hannibal mercenaries: Baleric Slingers.

Monday, November 23, 2020

28mm WWII Finnish Infantry

 These are twelve 28mm WWII Finnish infantry that I recently completed painting and are ready to base up. They are a mix of Artisan and Warlord figures. The SMG-armed figures are Artisan while the others are Warlord figures. I painted these in two two-hour streams on my channel. Total time four hours, or 20 minutes per figure. 

These figures will be used for both Continuation War and Lapland war using Iron Cross, Chain of Command or Bolt Action rules. I'm still unpacking from moving this summer, so my laser engraver is still out of commission. As soon as it's back on-line I'll be cutting up bases for everything that I've been painting recently and I'll have a giant basing party for all of these recent projects.

Next up on the painting table will be some Lugurian ancient infantry for Saga "Age of Hannibal"

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Fallout Wasteland Warfare - Heroes of Sanctuary Hills

I've been interested in trying my hand at painting some of the Fallout Wasteland Warfare figures for a while now. I'm a big fan of the Fallout 4 PC game and the figures are right out of the game. I don't plan on playing the game, so the figure cost was a significant deterrent on trying the figures out. In came my friend Gordon to the rescue. He offered me a chance to paint a box of his figures for him. I chose the Heroes of Sanctuary hills. 

I'm not completely thrilled with the sole survivor's jumpsuit, but Dogmeat and Cogsworth came out great. I don't think I'll make a steady diet of these figures, but they were a fun diversion from the hundreds of ancients figures I've been painting lately. Three figures added to my annual painting totals.

Monday, November 16, 2020

28mm Macedonian Companion Cavalry

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I've been laid up with a bad back. Things seem to have calmed down enough for me to get back to the painting table this week. Here are twelve 28mm Macedonian Companion Cavalry that will become a division of four stands of cavalry for Hannibal at the Gates. 

The figures are from Aventine Miniatures and I'm very happy with the sculpts. I've used some GW Contrast paints on the tunics and helmet decorations as well as extensively on the horses. The rest of the work is traditional paints, washes and glazes. 

Twelve riders and twelve horses that I'll count as 24 figures in my annual figure totals.  Next up on the painting table a rare divergence from historicals to paint up some Fallout Wasteland Warfare miniatures.....just for fun.