Thursday, February 21, 2019

X-Wing 2.0 First Games

Last Friday five of us got together to try out Star Wars X-Wing 2.0. It was a fun game with a lot to learn and many mistakes to make. There were dice thrown, asteroids crashed into an much mayhem. I ran a Rebel list with two B-wings, an X-wing and a Y-wing with an ion cannon turret. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but with four ships, two of which were B-wings with hull upgrade, I had a lot of health to lose. The list worked well and was durable although I need to learn not to crash my X-wings on asteroids when they have 1 hull remaining....doh!

Photos below of the fun had by all.

My homage to Thrawn and his X-wing videos on Youtube:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Northern Conspiracy February 2019 Game Night

Last Friday the club got together for it's February game night. I played in Ralph's 30 Years War Nexus game which I play tested previously. I chose to be on the opposite side to see how the other half lived.

This was a great game and went down to the wire ending up in virtually a draw. The Spanish tercios are juggernauts as they should be and the Imperialists played them very well. Our plan to hold in the center and win on the flanks, eventually started to work, but a touch late as the Spanish tercios mostly had their way with our new model pike blocks. Lucky for us Bob and Mark brought their flanks into order just in time. Fun game and the rules seem to be coming along nicely.

Phil ran a well attended and raucous WWII air-to-air game which everyone seemed to have fun playing.

Ed M. and Kevin had a couple of jousts using Ed's jousting rules.

A big thanks to all three game hosts.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Nexus Play Test

This past Friday my uncle had us over for a play test of the latest version of his 30 Years War rules, Nexus. These were the original source for his Ancient's rules, Hannibal at the Gates. Now that the latter have reached their 2nd edition, some of the lessons learned have been brought back to Nexus. This play test was to give them all a ringing out.

I played opposite Charlie who had a nice combined arms force of Swedish-model infantry, light artillery and battle cavalry. My command was similarly comprised of all combined arms, but my European standard pike were outnumbered 2:1 and outclassed. My cavalry was also at a disadvantage. My guns however, were excellent. Covering my flank was Ed with a fine selection of troops including some elite cavalry and large Tercios of pike, so no worries there, I could focus on Charlie's threats.

I sent my aggressive Croat cavalry Live by the sword, die by the sword. Unfortunately the latter was mostly true. They took out some of Charlie's auxiliary troops, but other than that mostly just blew themselves up on Charlie's battle cavalry. My superior guns were also mediocre in their effectiveness. No fault of the guns, blame the operator.

Stripped of all the chaff, it was time to press with my pike. With Charlie's superior firepower, getting stuck in was my only real option. Unfortunately in the one turn I had to approach his infantry, Charlie scored seven (7) hits on one round of fire. That pretty much ended it on our flank. Lucky for the Catholics, the opposite flank was going equally poorly for the Protestants, evening out my misfortune. As the game drew to a conclusion the battle lines were in a classic 'pinwheel of death' with the outcome to be decided.

I expect that you'll be seeing more Nexus game play here on the blog throughout the upcoming year.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tobacco Factory Game #2

Last Friday at the Northern Conspiracy's January game night I hosted a re-run of my Salerno Tobacco Factory game from last year's Operation Overlord Game day.

We had a light turnout for January, possibly due to incoming inclement weather. I ended up with six players for my game including several veteran Iron Cross players, so the game ran smoothly.

Kevin, Charlie and Ralph were the British whle Chris, Dick and Byron played the Germans.

Both sides planned aggressive advances into the key buildings that would dictate control of the complex. Early on Byron's listening post troops intercepted Charlie's infantry as the attempted to charge into the empty buildings. Byron's fire was telling forcing Charlie's troops to halt, slowing down their capture of the key buildings. Opposite Charlie, Chris' troops successfully occupied the central structures, only to be eliminated later in the game by concentrated British infantry and machine gun fire.

As the game developed concentrated fire from the German SdKfz 222 and Hetzer forced back the British 'Honey' Stuart, but failed to eliminate it. Mortars on each side ranged in but failed to bring home heavy casualties. AT guns on both sides commanded the southern areas of the battlefield while the armor avoided them to the north.

As we ran out of time the Germans were in possession of the central buildings, but had suffered significantly more casualties than the British in doing so. This was due to the cost of the attack as well as the excellent rallying from Kevin the British commander. Mainly a draw, the game could have used another hour to play to conclusion.

Apologies to Greg, Mike, Michael and Dick for not getting any photographs of their Saga games. I was too overwhelmed running my own game.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

First Game of 2019

Last Friday my friend Charlie had a bunch of us up to his gaming loft for another game of Napoleon's Rules of War. We played a historical battle with a lot of woods to give his new terrain rules a good shaking out. This was a great night of gaming and all the new rules worked the treat.

I had a great night assaulting the Austrian lines with my elite regiment of French while Bob and Charlie bore the brunt of the Austrian's counter attacks and artillery fire. It's always better when your friends take the hits that should be coming to you!  In the end the French had a majority of the Austrian's hill, but paid a huge price for it with the outcome still up in the air. Great way to start off a new year of gaming!

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year In Review

2018 was a better year for gaming for me than 2017. I was able to return to my normal allotment of hobby time and enjoyed the hobby immensely this year. The title picture for this post is my massive terrain project, the Salerno Tobacco Factory - part of our club's Operation Avalanche game day this year. the complex includes seven scratch-built factory buildings, five ruined buildings, customized Pegasus Hobbies craters, and a scratch-built road. Other terrain items created this year were another scratch-built WWII bunker and another European Town House for WWII.

Painting totals were also up over last year's effort and back closer to my usual annual averages. 28mm Figures were mostly Saga Crusades figures for my Eastern Princes force, but also included a significant amount of Luftwaffe Field Division troops (43) and various support teams for my British and German WWII armies (62). Finally I also painted up some Napoleonic figures for my Austrian army, four more artillery pieces and some Grenzer command stands.  28mm armor completed this year consisted of three British and six German armor pieces. The latter all but finishes up my German WWII army.

Purchased painted figures and vehicles both totaled much less than I painted. Figures were primarily Napoleonics and vehicles were a mix of German and British armor.

Totals for this year are as follows:

  • Painted 28mm figures: 183
  • Painted 28mm vehicles: 9
  • Terrain/Misc created: 59
  • Purchased painted 28mm figures: 60
  • Purchased painted 28mm vehicles: 3
  • Games Hosted: 6
  • Games Played: 15

Goals for 2019 are to paint the remaining single motorcycle to complete my German WWII army, finish up my Eastern Princes Saga army and start a Militates Christie force. I would also very much like to start working on expanding my French Napoleonic infantry so I can host some Napoleonic Electronic Brigadier games this year.

Here's hoping that each of you have a happy 2019. May your dice always roll well....

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Northern Conspiracy December 2018 Game Night

Last night our club had it's December game night. This is a fairly rare treat as it requires that a Friday fall between Christmas and New Years not on one of the holidays. About two out of every seven years works out.

I played in Greg's Chain of Command early war game which pitted French against the invading German blitzkrieg forces. I was on the German side with Kevin and visiting guest Adam. Opposite us were Michael, Byron and Phil playing the French. I took a small flanking infantry command. Kevin commanded our Panzer IIIs and Adam took the center infantry which bore the brunt of the French attack. Opposite Adam were Phil and Michael sharing the French foot with Byron commanding the French Hotchkiss H-35 tanks.

Early in the battle Byron pressured one of Kevin's tanks which retreated off the table. Byron kept the pressure on causing repeated critical hits on Kevin's remaining two tanks but never could finish them off. In the duel Kevin with help from Adam's anti-tank rifle was eventually able to even the score knocking out Byron's command tank, but as dusk set, the four tanks were still slugging it out.

On the opposite flank, the bulk of the infantry fighting occurred. Adam was outnumbered 3:2 here, and although my infantry poured fire into the French all game, they didn't receive any incoming fire, which meant Adam's flank most unit took it all, eventually being destroyed. Michael followed that up with a charge into the gap in our line eliminating a commanding officer and ADC, but then fleeing from the empty hill due to casualties received in the melee.

As the battle drew to a close, the French got the best of the day, but at a stiff price. Casualties were fairly equal with the French being more successful in focusing all casualties on a single enemy unit while the German's spread theirs out a bit more evenly.

The other game for the evening with Peter running another of his plains wars games. Peter brought some new hills and his table and figures looked excellent!