Wednesday, June 27, 2007

4th Independent Maryland

The state of Maryland raised seven companies of 100 men. The 4th Independent Maryland company was uniformed by its captain in dyed Osnaberg linen with red collars and cuffs. This company was raised in January of 1776 and joined Washington in New York.

The flag is a hand-painted flag of Washington's command flag, which local experts here believe was in common use throughout the army. The officer's sword is hammer-flattened, file-shaped brass wire for durability. Although these stands normally represent a body of troops much larger than a company, as a wargamer I couldn't resist painting a full unit in this uniform as it is uniquely American Revolution and a real eye catcher on the tabletop. The formed stands can work independently or together as can the single skirmish stand.

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Giles said...

They do look good in purple! Nicely done Alan.