Wednesday, August 22, 2007

American Rifles

These are my American Rifles. They've been painted genericaly to represent just about any American rifle unit, or unit in hunting shirts so that I can use them in many of my games. Mostly I use them to impersonate Morgan's Rifles and Dearborn's Rifles in games I put on featuring troops from the Saratoga campaign. They're the centerpiece units in my Freeman's Farm / First Saratoga game, each of the skirmish stands representing one of the above mentioned units. The formed stand in the back can be used to represent both units formed up, or to represent either of the smaller units at smaller figure scales.

I painted this unit over five years ago before I decided to varry my uniforms within units a bit more. I do have plans to paint a dedicated unit for Morgan's Rifles in the future with additional variations in coat and legging colors. These are Old Glory figures and the Flag for the unit is a commercial offering, but since half a decade has passed since I based the unit, the brand of the flag has since left my memory. The officer figure uses a hand-hammered and file-shaped brass wire in place of the lead sword for durability.

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