Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lazun's Legion Hussars

These figures that were painted by my uncle are the showpiece of the my French AWI figures - he really did a wonderful job on these. The hussars of Lazun's legion performed scouting and reconnaissance functions for the French forces on the march as well as seeing action at Gloucester Point during the Yorktown campaign (along side the marines I showed in my August 29th entry), mixing it up with Tarleton's legion (poorly mimiced as Tarringgon's cavalry if you watched Mel Gibson's The Patriot).

All of my cavalry are based on 3"x3" stands to accommodate the large figures. I use two figures on stands for skirmish formation cavalry and three figures for cavalry in formed order (line). Since the Lazun Legion Hussars routed Tarleton's cavalry in the action at Gloucester point, I based these figures using formed order, as skirmishers in Volley and Bayonet wouldn't be able to impose their will on other cavalry. I have some British dragoons that can pose as Tarleton's force in a pinch, but I hope to paint up a proper unit to represent his force in the future. Once I paint up a proper Tarleton force, I can put on the hypothetical alternative history Yorktown battle I've been thinking about.


AdamC1776 said...

Very nice as a fellow wargamer and reenactor of the French in the American Revolution I heartly aprove. By the way were do you game? I'm looking for folks to play with.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Mostly I game with fellow club members - check out the link to the Northern Conspiracy wargaming club in my links in the side-bar to the left.

Fridericus said...

My Lauzun's lancers and hussars look a bit different, because they wore the uniform of the staff company of the Legion de la Marine with red pants. Have a look at my version at my blog, 27 dec, 2008 (http:// fg-zinnfiguren.blogspot.com)