Sunday, February 1, 2009

Landwehr Cavalry for Dennewitz

After hosting Dennewitz at my house and enjoying the scenario, I decided that I should bring the game to my club's game night in February. In order to do so I thought it would be best to try to paint up the figures that I borrowed from my friend Ed to run the first game. The Prussians have a very interesting organization in this battle. Each infantry brigade (as the Prussians call it, functionally they're the same as other army's divisions) contains three regiments of infantry including some light infantry skirmishers, a battalion of artillery, and a small regiment of cavalry. These small regiments are based in Volley & Bayonet on linear cavalry stands - something that is fairly uncommon, so I needed to paint up figures specifically for this purpose. I also didn't have any massed Landwehr cavalry yet and the scenario requires a unit of that as well. While I had the figures on the table I also painted up a mounted Landwehr officer to represent General von Lindenau, commander of the Prussian advanced guard division. Since the advanced guard division is comprised almost entirely of Landwehr, I thought an officer in a Landwehr uniform was called for.

The figures are AB miniatures. I hadn't used AB before, but they make Prussian reserve infantry in uniforms that I like, so when ordering up some of the reserve infantry figures I added in the cavalry figures I needed. The castings from AB are crisp, similar to Essex, only they're larger, about half way between Essex and Old Glory for size. I'm still quite a bit rusty painting 15mm figures, so these were painted using the same quick painting techniques I used on my Saxons. They're solid 'wargaming quality' paint jobs though - good enough for my table top games.

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