Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yorktown Game OB

I've had a few requests to post the Volley & Bayonet Order of Battle for my Yorktown game. You can click the link above to download it in PDF form.

I have to make a few caveats about this OB. First it's a hypothetical scenario BASED on the troops that were at Yorktown. I've altered things significantly from history in order to make it an enjoyable set-piece tabletop battle. Second, since it's only been played once, there are still adjustments I feel could be made to make it a better and/or more historically accurate game. I've tried to note some of these in my notes in the OB file. Finally this is a wing-scale battle. The current in-print edition of Volley & Bayonet doesn't include the alternate scale rules that this battle requires. Instead you can get them from the Volley & Bayonet Yahoo group site, or from my blog archive here.

The points listed in the order of battle are calculated using the Volley & Bayonet Road to Glory Points System. (available courtesy of Keith McNelly's excellent Volley & Bayonet site).

I used the following victory conditions: American players received 1 point for each exhausted British brigade and 2 points for each collapsed, destroyed or captured British brigade. Captured was defined by any British unit remaining within the American encirclement at the end of the battle. The British received 1 point for each exhausted American brigade, and 2 points for each British brigade that could pass through the American lines and/or exit the table. If you play the game and have any suggestions on how to improve the scenario I'd be thrilled to hear from you!

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