Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pegasus Bridge

This past Saturday (June 6th) I played in a 20mm World War II game run at our club's game day. The scenario was the D-Day attack by the British Ox and Bucks glider airborne troops on the Pegasus bridge. The game was run by fellow Northern Conspiracy club member Mark Decouteau.

Mark chose to run the game using the Crossfire rule system. Our club played Crossfire fairly actively for a short period right after the rules were published, but since then they have not seen a lot of use. After playing in Mark's game and enjoying it thoroughly, I'm actually fairly surprised that we haven't played more Crossfire. After playing in Mark's game I have a renewed enthusiasm to host some Crossfire games of my own.

I'd like to compliment Mark on his scenario design and especially his terrain. Crossfire is very dependent on good terrain for the rule system to work well. Mark not only had a sufficient ammount of terrain, but his tabletop was quite beautiful as well, right down to the scratch-built gliders!

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