Thursday, September 3, 2009

Roman Velites for Field of Glory

These Roman Velites are Old Glory 15s that I've painted up for Field of Glory. Most of the time they'll be used in two battle groups of four stands each, but since I wanted the flexibility to deploy them in a single battle group of six or eight stands I painted them all similarly. I have to admit that I stylized these figures quite closely to how Scott MacPhee painted his as seen over on his blog. The only exception is that I chose un-decorated red shields which was inspired by a club mates figures that I've always liked. I still like Scott's paint job better than my own, but these will do just fine for me and will fit in well with my other figures.

I haven't painted 15mm ancients figures in over a decade, so I started with the Velites as they're quite simple figures. The Old Glory figures are quite acceptable with decent detail and a variety of poses in the pack. These were block painted then washed with Citadel Sepia wash. I'm still getting used to these new Citadel washes and I think I could have used a heavier coat, but wanted to make sure I didn't overdo it. Next up I'm going to ramp up the difficulty a bit and try painting four battlegroups of Triarii. We'll see how that goes.


Andy McMaster said...

Looking nice there. Are these the start of your Rep. Romans? If so I'd be tempted to do the hastati and principes next. I like to leave my veterans until I'm in the painting flow and then hopefully they come out the best! I'm just finishing the 4 stands of triarii for my second legion.

I'd love to see the legion if you are using Old Glory as I'm tempted to do another 2 legions at some point but feel like a change from Essex. old Glory are a possible, as are Magister Militum.

Anyway, good to see some Punic War goodness!


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Well yes and no. They're the start of the figures I'm painting, although I have a a bunch of figures (including 6 battle groups of Hastati and Principes) that I purchased already painted from a friend. I'd like to save the Triarii for later, but other than the cavalry, all I needed was Velites and Triarii and the Velites are done now!

I'll try to post the rest of the figures I paint. Unfortunately my legions are not OG15s, although I've seen some of them painted up and they look nice (and are quite a bargain).