Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Years War Skirmish

This past weekend my friend Ed hosted a 30 Years War skirmish game at his home featuring some beautiful 28mm figures and a set of skirmish rules that he wrote and has been perfecting. The scenario was based around the skirmishing that led up to the battle of Lutzen and featured some interesting units: Croat light cavalry, Curiasser heavy cavalry, Dragoons, Musketeers and stubborn Scots.

We had a great time and the most recent improvements Ed has made to his rules have made his rule system much better to play. My partner Mike and I ended up on the losing side of the game thanks to some withering opening volleys from our opponents Ralph and Charlie. Towards the middle of the game my stout Scots were able to fend off one enemy curiasser unit in a protracted melee scrum, but suffered enough wear and tear that they were able to be finished off by a second curiasser charge. In the end the early successes from our enemies proved too much to overcome and we soundly beaten.

Ed's game featured unit statistic cards for each unit which included a good photograph of the figures for easy identification, and stats for the core troops as well as any improved stats for officers and sergeants. The cards and the initial terrain and deployment areas are shown below.

Our initial deployment and our opponents, Charlie and Ralph discussing the game behind their soon to be victorious troops.

Left photo - close to the end, those six figures used to be two ten man cavalry units. Right earlier in the game Charlie advances his musketeers to engage our cavalry with ranged fire.


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