Friday, April 22, 2011


These are six stands of flamethrower-equipped German early-war pioneers. The early war German infantry pioneers can substitute up to one third of their rifle-armed pioneers with these nasty guys. They can be devastating to just about anything at short range including enemy armor and defensive emplacements and bunkers. These are always nice to have around. Six stands will give me the ability to have up to the maximum amount in my two infantry platoons: three stands per platoon.

These are Battlefront figures consisting of a mix of figures from the Finnish engineer, German mid-war engineer and German mid-war infantry blisters. Populating each stand with only three figures allows me to easily distinguish these from regular rifle-armed pioneer stands which have four figures per stand. Each of these stands contains a flame thrower-armed soldier (of course), an NCO of some sort and a rifle-armed private. With the extra space on the stand I was able to add some additional scenery and detritus to fill up the space. Next up on the painting table is some mid-war WWII British armor in desert camouflage for our North Africa campaign.

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jmezz382 said...

Looking great !

I did a similar thing with my US Engineers. It works great and helps make them stand out for easier identification.