Sunday, May 27, 2012

Road Warrior

Many of my friends know that in addition to wargaming my other two hobbies are flying R/C airplanes (gliders mostly) and camping with my wife in our RV motor home. Often I combine my RV hobby with either of the other two, particularly going to RC contests and trade shows. I've also taken the RV to Historicon a couple of times before they moved it too far away. Gettysburg and other Civil War national parks are favorite destinations as well.

Since 2005 Lori and I have been seeing the USA in our 2005 Four Winds Hurricane (similar to this one). We bought it new in order to be sure that as new RV owners we had something we could count on even if it was an entry level Class A motor home. After seven years we felt we knew enough about what our long-term needs are in an RV and have decided to pull the trigger on an upgrade to what we hope will be our long-term RV, possibly our forever RV. It's shown above, a 2007 Winnebago Voyage that we're purchasing used. We signed the papers today and will hopefully pick it up in time to use it for our trip to Lancaster, PA in June to attend the CAMS-Polecat-Soaring Circuits 2K12 ALES Open Soar.

If you're a fellow RV geek, here's the inside poop on the new ride:


The Kiwi said...

Awesome. Living the dream. This is exactly what my better half wants us to do here in Australia.

MrLee said...

Amazing.. was just talking to the wife about getting a RV when we move to UK next year. Half for travel, half for gaming/painting! Seems great minds think alike.. and this one.. pure awesome!

Ray Rousell said...

Very jealous!! I've always wanted an RV, just to drive from place to place as and when you want to must be great. One day when I win the lottery?????

Mad Padre said...

It's a beautiful vehicle. Not as lovely as my '85 VW Westfalia, but beautiful. I wish you much joy and may safe miles of it.