Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bolt Action - Expermential Large Battles Multi-Player Rules

Last Friday we got together at my uncle's house to play a game using some multi-player modifications we've been considering. Bolt Action is a fun game, but tends to slow down when you have more than two people playing, particularly when the unit counts start to climb. We're still working the rough edges out, but our idea is to use multiple bags of dice with each bag dedicated to a sector of the tabletop. Each sector is clearly defined on the tabletop by terrain features such as roads or rivers. Each sector has dice in it for the units in that sector. As units travel across sectors, their dice are moved to the appropriate dice bag. Shooting and close combat across sectors happens after the current die is resolved in the sector being shot or charged into.

The game was a re-play of a scenario that we've used before with a single dice bag. Everything seemed to work well and we played twice as many turns and everyone seemed to have twice as much fun.


John Lambshead said...

I have mixed feelings about large BA games. The system isn't really designed for this. Might it not be better to use a different game?

Unknown said...

Great game and table...I played BA and had considered something like this . Seemed a success to me. Well looks like you all enjoyed yourselves…