Monday, November 10, 2014

Carnage 2014 AAR - Part One

This year at the Carnage Convention I played a Friday night game. The game was a 28mm Carnage & Glory game run by Rich Wallace - The Battle of Belmont. Rich's games are always beautiful and he's a C&G expert so they're always smoothly run. I played the Tennessee reserves on the Confederate left flank. The union were super aggressive in this game charging both my flank position and our center with mounted cavalry. Our infantry in works and behind fences held. They also gave the center fortified position a hard charge up the middle with infantry chasing away the gunners from one of our batteries, but our counter charges destroyed the attacking infantry in return.  After the excitement from the initial charges had subsided the Union slowly backed out and some even fled the field. Rich gave our best player, the C&C Mike commanding the center, a beautiful diorama as an award for being the best player on the winning side. 

Saturday I slept in and got up in time to photograph the other Northern conspiracy games being run in the morning session. First up was Phil's 15mm Fire & Fury game of the battle of Sabine Crossroads. This was a close fought affair. When I left it towards the end the Union were holding on by their teeth. I think they did end up saving the supply train and eeking out a minor victory, although I could be wrong on that.

Ed ran an 'old school 25mm' scale 2nd Afghan War game using modified Gaslight Historical Battles rules. It's amazing how 'giant' 25mm figures used to look now look almost small against modern 28-32mm 'epic' scale figures of today. Still I really like the proportions of the old figures, and Ed's are superbly painted and will match up well with anyone's modern lead. The game was running smoothly when I popped in several times. I'm unsure of the outcome but everyone seemed to be having a good time.


Byron ran a 28mm Indian Mutiny game using The Devil's Wind rules (modified Brother against Brother). This game features Byron's beautiful figures and terrain including cavalry and large artillery pulled by Elephants. When I left the British forces seemed to have the rebelling Indians well in hand having captured the large mosque and eliminated the most fanatical of the rebel units. 

I didn't get good photos of the Saturday mid-day or evening games as I was also running games during those periods. Those games will be the subject of my next blog post. My sincere apologies to the other conspirators who ran some truly excellent and beautiful games during those game periods.

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AdamC1776 said...

Played in Rich's game at the Hobby bunker it was lovely