Sunday, October 4, 2015

Napoleonic Austrian Artillery

These are two sections of 6lb guns and a section of 12lb guns for my Austrian Napoleonic collection. The figures and the gun models are Old Glory figures. Considering the exposure of the faces the bicorne hats provide, I chose to go 'full monty' on the faces with eyebrows, whites and pupils as well as a two-tone layered skin tone and lips. After putting my usual wash on the figures a good portion of my hard work ended up obscured. Lesson learned. Either fully detail the faces OR wash them. Not both.

Still I'm very happy with the units and how they came out. I'm probably due for another set just like this only with 9lb and 12lb guns. That would give me a full battery of each.

Next up an emergency job - painting 6 Roman cavalry for club game day that's coming up in two weeks. Nothing like a deadline to motivate!


RMentch said...

Faces are tough, I think they look good.

Chasseur said...