Saturday, October 15, 2016

Northern Conspiracy October 2016 Game Day - French & Indian War

This past Saturday, fellow Northern Conspirator and friend Earl hosted our club's game day. The theme for the day was French & Indian War. Earl provided all the terrain, figures and scenarios for the entire club to game all day - two sessions, three games each session. This was a Herculean effort and Earl pulled it off beautifully! Fellow conspirator and blogger Ed M has also written up the event on his blog, which you can read here.

There were two teams of six players on each team, the French (shown left) and the British (shown right). I'm missing from the British photo as I was taking the photo.

The British pulled lots for which table they would play on. Bob and I pulled table three. The mission was for the British to protect some supplies on two wagons and three animals, while the French were tasked to take those supplies and burn the British fort nearby.

Ralph and Chris were our opponents. Ralph headed for the fort to commit arson, while Chris started to approach our supplies through some light woods. Bob (shown left) defended the supplies while my Indians and British regulars attacked Chris' Coreur De Bois. Fortune was with me early in this game. In a system where you roll for 6s to hit enemies in cover, a Yahtzee in 6s is pretty deadly. I also had more than my fair share of hits in my second round of fire. Chris took it like a consummate sportsman, but the early damage really sealed his fate. Ralph had to cross a wide expanse of open ground to get to the fort and fared similarly on his side.

Other round 1 table photos:

In Round 2, Kevin and I pulled table one against French Players Phil and Ralph. This was another scenario where the French wanted to burn down all the British stuff. The French wasted no time in burning three fields of crops and two buildings. They also killed several civilians and obliterated two full units of local militia, while Kevin's British regulars and my Rangers rushed to oppose them. We called time with the game split 18-22 in favor of the British. The French thought future gains would be tough due to all the burning fields blocking most avenues of advance, but from our side I think my Rangers were in serious danger of being obliterated very quickly by the French numbers. I'd call it a draw at best. Likely given a couple more turns either side could have turned the game with some good shooting rolls.

Other round two game photos:

Anyone who's run even a single game at a game night or convention knows how much work it is. I cannot even imagine running a whole game day alone. Earl did a great job at pulling off a great event for the club. Thanks Earl!

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