Friday, July 28, 2017

Napoleon's Rules of War Game at Ed M's

I must apologize to Ed for the long delay in posting this game report. Life has indeed got in the way of hobby time lately. You can read Ed's excellent write up of his game on his blog here.

Ed is going to be hosting a very large Napoleon's Rules of War game as one of our clubs two annual game day events. This was a warm-up game to test some of the OBs and scenario rules. The core rules for the game day will be our mutual friend Charlie's rules, Napoleon's Rules of War. The game will feature Ed's wonderfully painted French and Prussian armies, some of which you'll see in the photos below.

I have to admit, I liked our plan at the start, but my play throughout the game was inferior to my opponent Bob's play. Bob had his way with me in this one. On the other flank we faired only slightly better, but the attrition across the board allowed the Prussians to stop us in our tracks and win the battle. Even in the loss I had great fun playing this game. Thanks to Ed for hosting it!

Bob and George, the Prussians during the pre-game discussion. In a clever twist, they swapped flanks for the game.
Initial deployments and some close-ups of Ed's wonderful figures....

Bob and I race for the village - one of the scenario objectives. This was to prove a bloody affair.
On the left, Charlie pushes into the Prussian Landwher.
Bob and I slug it out in the town, but on my right flank his superior numbers are making short work of my thin blue line.
The aftermath in the town - you die, she dies, everybody dies! Later my right flank, about to collapse gets end-run around by Bob's cavalry (not shown). In our rear area the French and Prussian light cavalry clashes with the result 2-0 for the Prussians.

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Ed M said...

Good report,AJ. I had a good yime running the game and gained some good takeawys for the "main event."

Ed M