Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Laser DOWN!

Most readers of this blog know that I have a laser engraver that I use to cut acrylic, plywood, balsa and paper to make wargaming items for personal use and for sale as a small hobby business. The other evening I was cutting a job for a customer and the laser stopped working suddenly.

Come to find out I've finally worn out (blown up sir!) the Y-axis servo motor pictured to the left. It's performed it's last chooch as AVE would say. So I had to order up a new one from the manufacturer. $230.00 later it's on its way. Hopefully I'll swap it in and be back up and running soon. At least it's not as expensive as when I blew the laser tube a year ago. That repair cost me $3,000.00. The only difference between men and boys are the cost of their toys I guess.

1 comment:

Ed M said...

Yep. Definitely looks like you need a new flux capacitor, there.
Hope you're back up and running soon!