Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Saga Eastern Princes - Lithuanian Archers

These are another point of figures for my Saga Eastern Princes force. They are the last of the unpainted figures I had from the Gripping Beast starter army boxed set. Russians can have crossbows, but Lithuanians can only have regular bows. That's why I'm calling these Lithuanian archers. In reality I may also use them with my Russian crossbows when I want two missile units in my warband.

Looking at the photographs and the video below, I can see that they still need another coat of matte lacquer to give them a true flat finish. There's still a bit of gloss showing through. Next up on the painting table is another unit of warriors made by converting some Pagan Rus figures.


Ed M said...

Really well done!

DeanM said...

These are quite lovely, Allan! They look great!