Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tobacco Factory Game #2

Last Friday at the Northern Conspiracy's January game night I hosted a re-run of my Salerno Tobacco Factory game from last year's Operation Overlord Game day.

We had a light turnout for January, possibly due to incoming inclement weather. I ended up with six players for my game including several veteran Iron Cross players, so the game ran smoothly.

Kevin, Charlie and Ralph were the British whle Chris, Dick and Byron played the Germans.

Both sides planned aggressive advances into the key buildings that would dictate control of the complex. Early on Byron's listening post troops intercepted Charlie's infantry as the attempted to charge into the empty buildings. Byron's fire was telling forcing Charlie's troops to halt, slowing down their capture of the key buildings. Opposite Charlie, Chris' troops successfully occupied the central structures, only to be eliminated later in the game by concentrated British infantry and machine gun fire.

As the game developed concentrated fire from the German SdKfz 222 and Hetzer forced back the British 'Honey' Stuart, but failed to eliminate it. Mortars on each side ranged in but failed to bring home heavy casualties. AT guns on both sides commanded the southern areas of the battlefield while the armor avoided them to the north.

As we ran out of time the Germans were in possession of the central buildings, but had suffered significantly more casualties than the British in doing so. This was due to the cost of the attack as well as the excellent rallying from Kevin the British commander. Mainly a draw, the game could have used another hour to play to conclusion.

Apologies to Greg, Mike, Michael and Dick for not getting any photographs of their Saga games. I was too overwhelmed running my own game.

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