Thursday, March 14, 2019

X-Wing 2.0 - Part Deux

Earl, Mike, Rob, Ralph and I got together last Friday at Ralph's to play another round of X-wing 2.0. Earl came to kibitz and took some of these photos so I could be in them (in blue). Thanks Earl!

I played my game against Mike's scum swarm for game one. Mike out-flew me early and bumped my list relentlessly, which was great for him, less so for me. My B-wings weathered the storm and took out some of his lighter swarm ships - mostly Z-95 headhunters. I was impressed by the scum Kihraxz fighter and what a horde of Z-95s can do. In the end the durability of the B-wings served me well.

My second game was against Ralph and his Tie swarm comprised of pairs of tie fighters bracketing a tie advanced. Six ships in all. I chose to grop my B-wings and Y-wing and flank with my X-wing. Ralph sent one group against my flanker and the one against the B-wing group. I quickly swung my X-wing left to rendezvous with the main force, not wanting to offer a 1 vs 3 to Ralph's right squadron. This kept them out of the fight for a couple of turns - long enough for my B-wings and Y-wing to gang up on his other three ships. Luck was with me on this game with the B-wings hitting hard with target lock re-rolls and getting very lucky on their single-die evade rolls.

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