Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Deadeye Jedi X-wing night

Last Friday we got together for another 'Deadeye Jedi' X-wing night. A bunch of us bring lists and play some games. Five of us showed up so we played two games, one with 2 vs 1 with the two sharing a list. I played my 'Tractor Factory' list against Bob and Rob who flew Rob's four T-70 X-wing list.

I didn't give Bob and Rob much of a fight. They played well coming in from both flanks, and I mostly crashed all my ships into rocks and themselves until I was dead. At time I had two ships left, and had caused zero damage to the enemy. I think I have a lot of practice needed to play large base ships. Still Rob and Bob both played well and even had I been competent, they probably would have won easily. In X-wing, flanks are good.

For the second game of the night, Bob let me share half of his clone squadron. We flew against Steve who flew an effective Scum list with two aces: Guri and Talonbane Cobra filled with a second Star Viper and a Z-95. Steve flew great and the Star Vipers were the star of the show in my mind. I never got a shot on Guri while she danced behind my list with ease.

I flew more ships onto rocks, being far too heavy for Bob to carry me. At least I got one kill, finishing off the final hull on Talonbane Cobra after Bob did most of the damage on him. My love for the 'ugly' Arc-170 was softened a bit after playing with them. At 1 agility they're quite fragile despite all the hull and shields they carry.

I am very much enjoying that although there is a high amount of luck in X-wing games, like poker, the outcome of most games still goes in favor of the player who played best. In both games this night, no amount of 'hot dice' would have saved me from defeat. Poor play yields poor results. The answer - more solo practice at home!


Unknown said...

Nice picture of "Clone Killer" plotting his next move. And a fun night overall.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Same picture shows my Arc-170 on a rock.....again....