Thursday, June 20, 2019

Northern Conspiracy July 2019 Game Night

This past Friday was our Club's monthly game night. Being the 75th anniversary of D-day it was decided to do a D-Day theme night. It seems that it was an EXCELLENT idea as attendance was very good.

I played in Mark D's Cruel Seas game which re-created the German attack on the southern screen of the Allied armada. I was put on the Allied team and was assigned the task of piloting the target ships, mainly to eliminate the possibility of me running more ships aground (see my prior two X-wing posts). My command consisted of a landing craft gun boat, a control craft, an armored trawler and a tanker. The landing craft gun boat ended up being a VERY capable ship.

Mike and Art filled out the allies taking our PT boats and Fast 'D' boats. Ross and Chris took the Germans each with a larger craft and a fist full of German Fast 'E' boats.

Early on long-range torpedo shots FILLED the seas. While most of these were dodged, a few would bear fruit later in the game.

My Landing Craft Gunboat took some long-range pot shots with its 4.7" guns and scored some lucky critical hits on the German destroyer neutralizing it for a couple of turns. I kept pouring on the firepower and Mike eventually finished off the crippled boat with a torpedo from his D-boats.

In the center Ross' E-boats took out one of Mike's D-boats with gunnery, while Art exacted revenge doing similarly to one of Ross' E-boats with his American PT boats. In the end the sinking of the German destroyer sealed the engagement for the allies.

Dick and Greg teamed up to host a beautiful looking game of Chain of Command. The battle was the classic capturing of the outskirts of Carentan features in the HBO Series 'Band of Brothers' episode 3 of the same name.

According to Dick this one was in the balance right up to the end when the Germans pulled off some gutsy defense blunting the Airborne defense in the building complex.

Filling out the trio of land, sea and air, Phil ran a game of Bandits High in the air over the invasion. As this game was coming to a crescendo I was busy dodging torpedoes in my game and unfortunately didn't get any good photos of the furball  at the end.

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