Sunday, July 21, 2019

Northern Conspiracy July 2019 Game Night

Last Friday night was the Northern Conspiracy's July game night. Two larger games were run. I played in Charlies 28mm Napoleonic game featuring his rules, Napoleon's Rules of War. Ralph, Kevin, Byron and I played the outnumbered French trying to link up around a Spanish held Town. Mark, Rob and Dick did a good job of keeping Ralph and I controlled and surrounded while fending off Byron and Kevin's repeat attacks. Good fun!

On the other Table Phil ran a very popular 15mm Fire & Fury civil war game. The ever popular rule set brought out some faces we haven't seen in a while which was great. UPDATE! More photos taken by Rob available here:

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Carlo said...

Lots of smiling faces AJ - no better advert for people to take up a hobby in my opinion. Excellent stuff.