Thursday, August 29, 2019

Electronic Brigadier Monouth Game in Albany, NY

Last weekend I made the four-hour trip from eastern New Hampshire to Albany, New York to run an Electronic Brigadier game at my friend Dave's house for him and some of our mutual friends and local New York Gamers. The group included several people with extensive experience playing computer-moderated wargames. I jumped at the chance to get more constructive feedback on my rules from people with such experience. Friday evening I arrived and Dave and I set up the table in his lovely gaming room.

Here is a video of the initial positions of the troops early in the battle.

With nine players scheduled to play, I decided to forgo the historical Monmouth battle proper, and create a hypothetical battle a few days earlier deeper in New Jersey. This gave me creative license to modify the scenario's order of battle to accommodate the nine players as well as to get my covered bridge onto the tabletop as a scenario focus piece. The scenario starts with an assault of the New Jersey state troops and militia on the end of the British baggage train, followed by a general attack on the column by the rest of the rebel (aka future 'American') forces. The goal for the British would be to secure the bridge and area between the bridge and the dense woods. The Americans would need to hold this area and cut off the British to win. Although the Americans are outnumbered in the scenario, their starting position gives them numerical superiority where it counts, at the bridge. The British would have to attack there and drive them out to win.

Early assaults by the New Jersey militias were wildly successful, driving multiple British line units back in retreat and rout. British commanders held the large and resilient 42nd Highlanders in reserve in the bridge area. This would prove critical later in the battle.

New Jersey militia also occupied the woods west of the bridge, further imperiling the British escape route. 

On the western end of the battle, a general engagement ensued with the large wooded area and hilly area being contested by both sides. While the New Jersey loyalists hesitated to engage, The Queens American rangers got stuck in early and to good effect.

In the center, the British pressed forward into the American advance attempting to stop the American shift towards the Bridge. This was hotly contested with both sides having units driven from the line with a lot of give-and-take across the line. Early the British suffered from their aggressive attacks receiving more casualties than they inflicted.

Here is a video taken about two-thirds of the way through the battle.

As the battle raged on, the American troops started to wear from the pressure, the British army's higher quality and numbers started to swing the tide of the battle. This photo shows the high water mark of the American effort with the Bridge route fully threatened, battle looking very much going the American's way....

Regretfully, as the day went on fatigue set in and I neglected to take good photos of the last hour of gaming. The British committed their reserves, the 42nd Highlanders holding firm at the bridge, with more British clearing the woods west of the bridge. In the center, the British established a good cohesive battle line where the Americans were much more in disarray. The woods on the far left of the battlefield were cleared by elements of the Guards brigade, the 4th New York finally being driven out by a charge in their rear by the 2nd guards.

I include photos here of most of the players. What a fun group to game with. Everyone had fun and I received some good constructive feedback about the rules and scenario. I look forward to gaming in Albany again in the future. Thanks again to Dave for being an awesome welcoming host.


Mike Paine said...

I'd love to play your system again AJ! I'm helping myself to your photos and posting them in my FB album of the game, thanks!

Old Fritz said...

Just wanted to thank AJ and David for a fun day and AJ I truly enjoy your system.

MJKwargamer said...

Thanks for running this game for us AJ and thanks to Dave for hosting. It was a great gamee and as you point out, a great group of gamers. Had a great time.

Ray Rousell said...

Looks a great game.

Matt Crump said...

Good looking game looks like the participants enjoyed themselves