Sunday, March 6, 2022

More Bolt Action at Adler Hobby

Yesterday I got my first game in for the Adler Hobby Bolt Action Italian campaign. My opponent, Dan, and I selected 750 points and rolled up one of the attack and defend missions from the core rule book. It took a while for me to blow off the rust and get back into the hang of playing Bolt Action V2. Dan was a great opponent: fun to play with, knew the rules better than I did and was good tactically. The game ended up in a draw after the prescribed seven turns for the scenario. The scenario had a variable end turn of six or seven. At turn six I had the win sealed up, but in turn seven Dan got aggressive with one of his squads and assaulted my anti-tank rifle team that was holding the center objective eliminating it. That sealed the draw. Good play and it came down to which dice came out of the bag first. Had it come up mine first, it could have been a different story.

Dan pushed British paratroopers. Veterans with captured German LMGs. The veteran status saved him MANY casualties. I was able to get hits, but his veterans resisted casualties quite well. 

My deployment as the defender. Note the purple pin markers across the board. The scenario called for an initial bombardment by the attacker that was quite effective. I used all of my dice in turn one on rally orders across the board.

The other, more densely terrained table had another campaign game going on using Bolt Acton Firefight rules. I was too engrossed in my game to get more photos or an outcome.

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