Wednesday, August 10, 2022

28mm Ruined Building


This is a 28mm ruined building I built from resin wall pieces I bought around 20 years ago at Historicon. Recently I decided it was time to start working on chipping away at my un-built terrain pile. I had always thought I'd do a ruined city game, possibly Berlin or similar. This piece is suitably generic enough that I think it's timeless. That said I'm most likely to use it in WWII skirmish games. 

Recent events in Ukraine have unfortunately given me the opportunity to see far too many destroyed buildings. The one thing that has struck me is how monochrome these scenes are, with the exception of burnt areas. I expect that's from the thick layer of dust that the collapsing buildings creates. I've attempted to recreate this with weathering effects and powdered pigments. The last of which were the black smoke/burnt pigments. Ideally I'd like to have more rubble in and around the walls, but this would make it a much less effective gaming piece, so I opted for a more cleared ruin.

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