Monday, January 5, 2009

33rd Foot

This is the most recent AWI unit I've completed. This was finished during a week-long power outage last month caused by an ice storm that devastated New England and in particular New Hampshire where I live. Being a hearty New Englander my house is equipped with a generator for emergency use. It powers our furnace, water pump, refrigerators and a few essential lights. With some clever routing of extension cords I was able to get a single lamp running in my painting room, just enough light to give me something to do in between refueling the generator. The unit was completed during the power outtage, along with two batteries which I'll be posting later. I waited until now to post them because I was waiting for the flags to arrive for it.

This is my version of the 33rd foot. I was inspired by Giles Allison's version of this unit which he posted in his blog, particularly when he listed all of the battles the 33rd foot fought in. Many of the battles the 33rd fought in are battles I like to fight on the tabletop. I've chosen to outfit my unit in tricornes, although I'm sure Giles' figure choice is more accurate. These were figures I had on hand when the power went 'poof' and I was desparate to get painting. Like all of my AWI figures, this unit is based for Volley & Bayonet rules as a two battalion unit with an additional skirmisher stand. Depending on the scale of the battle I choose to use this unit in it can represent itself in several scales, or at the highest scale each of the formed stands can represent a regiment (meaning one of the stands could represent the 53rd or 59th line).

The flag for this unit is my first from Rick O'Brien there was very helpful in fulfilling my special request of slightly smaller flags to fit the flag staffs I had already affixed to the figures. Although Rick's flags in full size are spectacular, I'm very happy with the high quality of workmanship he was able to achieve even at this smaller size. I ordered a few more flags in this order that will find their way onto other units soon. If you haven't seen any of Rick's flags, do yourself a favor and visit his site.


Andy McMaster said...

Nice unit. 33rd are on my list of to-dos for the coming year. I'm hoping to update my blog with the proposed 'schedule' soon.

Glad you got some painting done. I only managed 6 assorted command figures over the whole Christmas break!

All the best for the New Year!


Giles said...

Very nice, AJ. The 33rd is one of the most useful regiments to do, as they appear pretty much everywhere (a bit like the 71st and 23rd).

It's an interesting debate, the tricorne v campaign dress issue. You can't deny that there is something very classic about the full kit/tricorne look - it's the image that comes with thinking of British regulars in the 18th century. If the Perries hadn't come along and made figures in cut-down coats and slouch hats, we'd all be using tricorned figures without any concern. As it is, one can now model a regiment like the 33rd in tricornes for 1776/77 and then again in campaign dress for 1781!

Best wishes