Friday, December 26, 2008

Shameless Plug

I paint a lot of the figures that I use in my wargames, but I'm also not afraid to buy figures when I can get ones painted as well or better than I can paint myself. The figures shown here are examples of the latter. They're one of the five units of French Young Guard that I'm listing for sale on Ebay (see my auctions here:

I purchased these figures a couple of years ago at Historicon in the flea market area. They're very nicely painted figures from I believe Battle Honors or Old Glory.

The reason I'm selling them is after basing up my French Army for Volley & Bayonet, I found that I had far too many Young Guard. These units are what remains after basing up both Young Guard corps for V&B. One of the big selling points for V&B for me is the low figure count necessary to field large armies. I purchased these figures when we were still using Napoleon's Battles which requires far more figures to represent the same units.

So, please visit my auctions, or send the links to interested friends. I'd love to find these figures a good home and turn the money earned by selling them back into other wargaming projects.

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