Thursday, July 9, 2009

Off to Historicon 2009

I'm off to Historicon again this year! I promise to bring my camera and take photos for the blog. Also I'm co-hosting a game this year with my good friend Rich Oster from Ohio. Rich and I are running Event S-410 on Saturday at 7pm. Here is the event description from the PEL:

S-410 - Blue Max Flying Circus
Sat. 7 PM, 3 hrs, 10 players
GM: Richard Oster with Alan Wright and TWA
WWI 1:72, Rules: Canvas Eagles (Blue Max varient)

Come fly with the infamous Richtofen's flying circus escorting a Gotha Bomber (yes a Gotha in 1/72 scale). Richthofen's flying circus has been
ordered to excort a Gotha bomber to its target. Fly with Manfred and Lothar Richthofen,Ernst Udet and even Bruno Stockel from the movie The
Blue Max. If you prefer the good guys fly Eddie Richenbackers' Spad XIII with the allied powers to stop tyrany.
Come play in our game, or just stop by and say hello.

Just a quick update on why you haven't seen a lot of new painted figures on the blog lately. Recently I suffered some water damage in my hobby room due to a leaking clothes washing machine. I've spent the past two months repairing and remodeling the room. The work is finished and hobbies have resumed. Both will be the subjects of posts after I return from Historicon. See you all there!

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