Sunday, July 5, 2009

Second Field of Glory Game - Part 2

To kick off the holiday weekend we all returned to my friend Mike's house on Thursday to finish up the second Field of Glory game in our Second Punic Wars campaign. This photo was taken by Mike and so see the rest of the gallery you can visit Mike's Picassa page.

In this second session I continued to try to stem the flow of Carthaginian lights in the woods on our left flank, but Leo (playing for the other side in this game) continued to dominate my Velites eventually routing all four units. To shore up the flank my partner and CinC of the Roman army, Mike brought in some Legionaires to defend the ground outside the woods while I clung percariously to the hill to the west of the woods. During this prolonged delaying action Mike was finally able to press home the attack in our center and right with our legions. Although it was a touch-an-go situation for many turns, eventually Mike was able to defeat the Spanish on the right flank and then isolated, the Gauls also gave way. After these areas were in control Mike was able to turn several battle groups to our faltering flank and rescue me from my almost certain defeat.

In the end Mike's play saved the Roman army and won the field of battle in a narrow victory over the invading Carthaginians.

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