Sunday, January 24, 2010

FOG Gaul Battle Group Challenge - Day 3

Other than posting the first entry on this project to the blog, I wasn't able to accomplish anything else yesterday on this project, making this the day three post for the challenge. Yesterday I spent the entire day out of the house and got home to late and tired to paint. This morning I made up for lost time by putting in a couple hours, finishing up the detail work on the clothing. I'm not much for color selection, and my thought was every extra color added is another chance to bodge things up, so I kept these simple, only adding stripes or plaids to 1 in 4 figures. I'm hoping with the addition of the shield patterns they'll still look sufficiently 'crazy' to pass as proper barbarians.

After the clothing was finished I painted the footwear or bare feet, belts, weapons and sword scabbards. I still have to do a pass with gold/bronze to detail these, but I'll be doing that last after the shields are done. I've also made sure to have a good base color on all the shields - either white, off-white, or brown. This should give me a good mix for painting up the shields.

I have some Veni Vidi Vici transfers which will help, but I don't think I have enough for the whole unit, so I'll be hand-painting some of the detail work as well. Since I seem to be well ahead of schedule to finish in my one-week deadline, I've primed up a unit of Roman Velites and a unit of Cretan Archers, one of which will follow the Gauls to fill up the rest of the challenge week.  Hopefully I'll be able to get the shields painted up in one more session, although I expect them to take almost as long as the figures themselves!


Secundus said...

They are really starting to take shape, looking good

Scott MacPhee said...

Those check patterns are looking nice!