Monday, January 25, 2010

FOG Gaul Battle Group Challenge - Day 4

I was able to sneak back down to the painting table last night after I posted yesterday's update and get another 90 minutes at the painting table to do the final prep work on the base colors of the shields. Tonight after dinner I was able to apply the Veni Vidi Vici transfers. I got these transfers from a friend and they've been aging a while in his collection which made them a bit finicky to apply. They're also sized for a different brand of figures so some of them had to be creatively modified to work. All in all I think I got them down good enough. As I only had two different color transfers I decided to leave a few shields plain without any transfers.

Tomorrow night I'll add my normal wash using Citadel sepia wash, which I like when the figures are showing a lot of flesh or natural cloth colors. Depending on how long that takes to dry I may be able to base these up tomorrow as well. While they're drying I think I'll start working on my next unit: a FOG battle group of Cretan archers. I'm picking them because they should paint quickly and I should be able to also finish them within the 7 day challenge period.

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