Saturday, October 30, 2010

Early War Escalation League (3)

Today we had our fourth meeting of the early war escalation league at Adler Hobby. Since this was the last Saturday of the month this was our modeling day. I came prepared to work on army lists with the help from some of the other people but ended up spending the afternoon chatting and watching the one game that got played between German Light Panzers and a new league member's just-based Polish Infantry. Since the Poles were just picked up they were used unpainted, although the sample anti-tank gun that the owner painted up looked very nice, so I look forward to seeing this army painted up.

First, the eye candy. Jerry brought in his whole 1750 point French heavy tank company, which he had completed before Blitzkrieg was released. This is a beautifully painted force which looks like it's going to be quite effective on the battlefield as well. Jerry painted each model of tank as if it were produced at a different factory which makes for a stunning mix of cammo patterns. Apologies to Jerry, I somehow took the photo and only got photos of his recon armored cars and two platoons of Char-B tanks. His two other combat platoons of medium tanks are out of frame....DOH!

Next up, photos from the one game played. Again at 600 points the infantry took it on the chin from the light panzer swarm. Although the Poles had a battery of four artillery pieces with good direct AT capabilities, they weren't enough to stem the flow of the blitzing tanks. A few of the excellent Polish AT guns might help this.

While I was at the store I picked up four Pak-36 anti tank guns for my German Pioneers. Hopefully they'll help out at 600 and 950 points since the current meta game in the league at 600 points is quite tank heavy. Clever thing this escalation league. Once I'm done I'll probably end up with over 2000 points worth of troops. Fun stuff!


Alfrik said...

All games have the paper/rock/scissors component in them, or inf/arty/vehicle(cav) and if any one of them is slightly more powerful, then the game shifts to that arm, especially in competition games. So if forces are shifting to Tank heavy, I would suspect soon most forces will be all tanks, unless there are required/mandatory other types of troops, by the game TOEs.

RMentch said...

Hi AJ,
I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoy following your blog. Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Also, I am impressed with what you can do with your laser machine and would like to see if you could make some firing templates for me for British Grenadier and Carnage & Glory II. How should I go about that?


PS We played a BG game together a few years ago at Historicon. We tried to take Bunker Hill, but broke in too late to win the game.