Friday, October 8, 2010


These are additional reinforcements for my Flames of War early war German Pioneer company. Since I've been painting figures as I can get them I had several incomplete platoons. This is a section of 10.5 cm howitzers and a squad of pioneer infantry. Both of these will complete previously painted partial platoons.  All miniatures are Battlefront (FOW) figures.
Two 10.5 cm leFH18 howitzers. These bring my previously painted battery up to the full strength of two sections (four guns).

Three stands of pioneer infantry. Since Battlefront hasn't released the correct figures for early war pioneers yet this squad was assembled by converting some Finnish pioneer figures I had and adding rifle-armed German infantry figures from a mid-war blister. This squad brings my previously painted platoon up to the full strength of three squads (nine stands).

Sorry there's not much more exciting to say about these, since they're just completing already started units. Still, I painted them, so they're blog-worthy!