Saturday, March 19, 2011

Second Afghan War era (1878)

Last night we had our monthly game night. There were three excellent games hosted. I played in my friend Ed's second Afghan war era skirmish game. Ed's game uses a set of rules he's fashioned by combining his favorite parts of several rule sets into one set of rules. The majority of the mechanics come from Gaslight with other items thrown in from other rules.

This scenario pitted my friend Robert and I as the Afghans up against our friends Charlie and Ross playing the Imperial (British) forces. This was an interesting scenario where the Afghans had to close across open killing fields against the British defending a hill. In the end the game came down the the bitter end with our Afghan forces barely eeking out a win due to some fortunate ranged fire that allowed us to drive off the British artillery during the mid game. Fun and well run game. Thanks Ed!

Elsewhere at the event was our club President's annual DBA tournament and a huge 25mm Napoleonic game using the venerable 'Column, Line and Square' rules. Teaser photos of both are below, but there are a lot more photos in our club's photo gallery.


DaveC64 said...

nice short battle report and pics. would be nice though if there were more close ups of all of them troops in action =O)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Thanks Dave. There are more photos in our club's photo gallery (link in the blog post). I was playing a game at the same time as photographing, so I tried not to spend too much time away from my game in respect for the other players and game master. I'll try to get more close-up photos in the future.

DaveC64 said...

Thanks, just with them being really nice models. But dont get me wrong, I also the shoots which pan over the battlefield too. lol I'm just being gready I supose ;O)


Galpy said...

l;ooks like you've been having some great games and really enoying the early war stuff as well, i'm hoping to get a game in this week