Sunday, July 10, 2011


Saturday at Adler we had a smaller than normal turn out due to Historicon being this weekend and it being a very nice day outside. Adam continued to use the day as a modeling day flocking the bases of a bunch of his 7YW figures. Gordon, Eric and I played a game of Caribbean.

Caribbean is a pure beer-and-pretzels game of piracy in the Caribbean. You play the role of a European merchant company who controls several ports in the area. Your goal is to get the local pirates to deliver their 'booty' to your ports. To accomplish this goal you bribe them with barrels of rum of course! Early on I ran off with a small lead due to a couple of clever steals of cargo. Gordon was close on my heals with Eric a distant third....but he was scheming a plan. During the mid game Eric climbed back into contention and in the final few turns he pushed Gordon and I down to 2nd and 3rd place with a couple of great cargo steals in the last two turns. Well played.

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Monty said...

Looks interesting!