Friday, August 19, 2011

Old Sturbridge Village - AWI Buildings

Old Sturbridge Village is a living history community / museum located in western Massachusetts. It serves to educate and preserve the way of life in 1850s America. As such there are several buildings in their collection that are ripe fruit for the picking when it comes to modeling buildings of the American Revolutionary War. My lovely wife and I visited there on holiday this past week and included in this post are some photos of some of the buildings that would be appropriate to model for the AWI. To the left the collection's 'small house'.

 Quaker meeting house (church).

 Above rural farmhouse, barn and out building. Note the natural unpainted wood siding. To the left corn drying shed for the same farm.
Large family home. This one might be a bit too 'modern' for AWI due mostly to its size.

 Tin smith's shop.
Lumber mill.


AdamC1776 said...

Too bad you were not there two saturdays ago you could have seen these with some Rev War soldiers around them.

The Wishful Wargamer said...

Thanks for posting these pictures of AWI period buildings. All useful inspiration!

Cheers WW

Giles said...

Excellent pics, AJ. And yes, some of these would make excellent models. Thanks for posting.

Best wishes