Monday, August 29, 2011

Royal Artillery 25 lb. Battery

This is a British Royal Artillery 25 lb. artillery battery with staff team and quad tractors to tow it. They are painted up for use with my mid war British armor force but are also viable candidates for use with the new Flames of War Hellfire and Back early war desert book which I'll probably be forming up a force for using my Crusader tanks.

The figures guns and vehicles are all Battlefront brand models. These are my first non-tank bases for the desert so I'm not entirely sure I like my basing scheme yet. I may add some other coloring and or some dead grass clumps at some point in the future.


Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

Looking good buddy,

Rodger said...

Really nice work.

Mike said...

Those are well done. The bases look pretty good to me. It's so easy to be too critical of our own work.

Giles said...

They look excellent, AJ, and I think the bases are fine. Perhaps every so often you might add some more scrub or rocks to one of the bases for variation, but I don't think they look bare, given what the north African desert is like, and the colour looks spot on to me.

Best wishes


CarloAntonio said...

Very nice look !!!! I like this