Saturday, April 14, 2012

Late War WWII League @ Adler Hobby (1)

Today was the second Saturday session of the late war FOW WWII league at Adler Hobby. I wasn't able to attend the first session due to being out of town. We had a great showing with 9 players playing in two Total War games. Having extra German players I offered to become a turn coat and command an American reconnaissance company lent to me by Gordon. My partner was Scot pushing American infantry. Both of the American forces had two Artillery assets giving us TONS of template fire throughout the game.

The German players had a company of Panther tanks, a company of Panzer IV tanks with AA and engineer support and a core company of three King Tiger tanks. The latter was of great concern to us and garnered most of the attention from our artillery for the majority of the game. Eventually one King Tiger was taken out by artillery, and another was eliminated by some M10 tank hunters with a lucky flank shot. The Panzer IV tanks had good success obliterating both of my recon platoons of M8 armored cars and jeeps, but a reinforcing platoon of three Shermans stabilized the right flank. On the left the Panthers and dug-in American infantry fought to a standstill and in the middle the remaining King Tiger command tank and the Panzer IV CO held the center and repulsed an American assault attempting to re-capture the center objective.

As the game concluded (bottom photos in this section) the Americans eeked out a narrow one point victory, but for all intents and purposes this was a dead-heat draw in my mind. Well played by both sides and good fun to play. It was great to see such a packed table of great models.

On the other table was a fight of American Shermans and British Cromwells facing off against a pair of German Tiger companies. This was a back and forth game with the Germans finally winning a victory, but with many wrecked Tiger tanks littering the right side of their table.


DeanM said...

Nice and fun looking games. Lots of great terrain and models. Best, Dean

Scott K said...

Thanks for jumping sides and teaming up with me AJ!! That games was certainly a nailbiter at times.

shoey said...

Hey all,
I had a blast playing with you guys. I was running a SS fearless trained panther company. It was intense facing off with Gordon. Great epic tank battle. I will be back in two weeks.


Lebanon, NH

AdamC1776 said...

Wish I could have been in two places at once... but I think you will all agree two of me is at least one more that the world can handle.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Uh huh.