Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Motorcycle Recon Dismounts

These are two platoons of dismounted motorcycle scouts for my Aufklärungs platoon and my Panzer Scout platoon. The photos in this top section are for the larger Aufklärungs platoon. In addition to being a decent reconnaissance asset for an armor force, the Aufklärungs platoon when dismounted can dig in and provide infantry support to protect an objective or block a choke point in the battlefield. With seven (7) stands in the full platoon it has decent, although not superior staying power. Being completely MG armed even the small-ish platoon can hold its own against enemy infantry assaults.

The smaller panzer scout platoon is much more brittle than the larger Aufklärungs platoon, but it can also prove quite valuable when backed up with armor assets such as a platoon of Wirbelwind AA tanks. Together the stands of these two platoons can be combined to form a larger Grenadier platoon. I've refrained from using any tell-tail markings on the figures to allow this use as well. You never know when having a good old infantry unit might be a preferable choice over the motorcycles.


Ray Rousell said...

Great painting, love the colourful basing too, it adds another depth to the figures.

Scottswargaming said...

Nice job, I like the little flower effects too....
Actually thanks for the heads up for these guys, being MG teams with Panzerfaust Cmd, I could use my existing GPG troops, add some motorbike teams, and I've got a scout platoon for my panzers! Nice one!