Thursday, July 19, 2012

Continental Line

This is a unit of figures that I purchased from a gentleman named "kendobear" on ebay.  They appear to be Old Glory figures and are nicely painted. I couldn't resist picking these up as there were exactly fifteen figures which means I could base them up as two massed and one skirmish stand. I'm feeling like these would do well as PA or MA state troops as well as continentals. I'm mostly showing these here as filler as I just returned from a week's holiday at Acadia National Park and didn't do a lick of wargaming-related activities while I was there.

My total contribution towards the completion of this unit was to re-base the figures to 3" Volley & Bayonet basing convention. 

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Giles said...

Hi AJ! These are very nice - I like the brown faced blue coats - not sure I've seen that scheme before, but it works really well.

Best wishes