Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Game Night 2012

Last night I attend our club's July game night. We had three great games hosted. I played in a French Wars of Religion Renaissance game using a set of home-brew rules written by my uncle called 'Nexus'. More information about Nexus can be found on his website here.

The game was a French attack on an Imperialist defended bridge. The game had the French advancing through three defiles lengthwise on the table. The Imperialsts played well including good use of their forlorn hope in one of the woods separating the approaches and an aggressive pike charge as the French closed. Wonderful figures, beautiful teddy bear fur terrain and a set of good fast play rules. Can't ask for much more in a wargaming evening.

The second game was a 28mm Seven Years War game using the rules "Ancien Regime".

The third game was a 15mm American Civil War game using Fire & Fury rules.

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PanzerKaput said...

Great looking games chaps with some very nice figures and scenery on display