Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 2012 Game Night

Last night was our club's monthly game night. I've been having some issues with my back so I didn't play in any games but I did stop by to drop off some boat kits for a few who needed them and I was able to take these photographs. There were three great games hosted. These photos are of Phil's Pacific air-to-air game using the new Angels 20 figures and rules from Axis & Allies.

Earl and Mark hosted a War of 1812 skirmish game using Brother Against Brother rules. When I left there was action all over the table on this one.

 Charlie hosted a Normandy WWII game using "Ain't Been Shot Yet Mum" rules. I watched this game for a while and the rules seemed interesting although they do have a bunch of British mechanics and terms in them that might take some getting used to for us 'yanks'.

 Finally Gordon brought in his Islands and boat for us all to see in person. They look even BETTER in person than in the photos he sent earlier in the week. Earl brought his Old Glory 22 gun warship which is partially painted now. The photo below right shows it next to the smaller 8 gun cutter. I think somehow I did OK with the scaling. Everyone is excited for September game day which will be our first run of the pirate game. Arrrgh!


Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

I posted a few thoughts on our Yahoo group here:
OMG last night was amazing!

Unknown said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Wish I could attend these. WOW!

DeanM said...

Great looking games - those ships do look grand. Best, Dean