Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Battle of Tereventum - Part II

Last night we finished up the Battle of Tereventum we started last week. My friends Ed and Phil couldn't make it, but my friend Michael did a fine job filling in for them as Carthaginian 2nd in command to Charlie's Hannibal. For the Romans our crew of Mike, Ralph and myself. To be honest things looked pretty grim for the Romans early on due to our poor performance on day one. My pre-game pep talk was for us to try to take our lumps as gracefully as possible.

I didn't take any photos, but the lovely close-up above was given to me by Michael. He's working out how to use a new camera, and was taking close-ups and macro photos all night so there aren't any sweeping battle panoramas for this update. Instead you can have the nice eye candy above.

In the game Ralph turned the tide in favor of the Romans early by getting hot and destroying the Spanish cavalry unit that gave us so much trouble on day one. On the left flank he also caught a Numidian light cavalry unit with his Roman battle cavalry which put it out of commission.  In the center Mike continued to hold on against the other Spanish cavalry near the enclosed field eventually eliminating it, but not before an African spear unit was able to hit his fragmented legion on the flank also routing it.

As the turns rolled on the remaining elephants routed another Roman Velite unit and the main battle lines closed. One of my superior morale legions ended up rushing into battle unsupported against a larger hoplite spear unit but amazingly was able to get the upper hand against it due to some very good dice on my part. On the right Ralph continued his hot streak and flanked a carthaginian local legionary unit which eventually routed it and brought the Carthaginian army to its break point. At game end the Roman army was one battle group away from army break as well. A close game that came down to the very last unit lost - a Pyrrhic victory for sure, and a very enjoyable game.

Charlie and I will be getting together at Mikes for another campaign session so we can get the next battle to the tabletop as soon as possible. 

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