Saturday, September 22, 2012

Play Testing VB&G RTG Wing Scale Napoleonics

Today Ed hosted a play test of a Napoleonic wing scale variant to Volley & Bayonet Road to Glory that a few of our club members are working on. We're going to be getting together for a large game in the future and today was the first step in steaming out the wrinkles in the rules. This was part game and part design session but 100% fun. It's always good when you can get together with your friends, talk a little history, tactics and play a game.

I've received good feedback on my short videos on my last post. I have included some additional video 'raw footage' of our test session. Obviously I'm not much of a videographer. Hopefully with practice I will improve. Until then enjoy these for what they are.


VolleyFireWargames said...

Interesting idea using utube integral to your posts - perhaps make them more inclusive of an actual complete explanation of what is taking place in your play test. Some commentary was cut off in mid stream / I am not particularly interested in these rules but still it all looks good from a gaming point of view.

Battlescale said...

I'm VERY interested in these rules. More info the better!

Mark Decoteau said...

Lots of fun today, AJ. I think all of the work since late last year may be worth it!

Ed M said...

Great, AJ, except for the rube in the first video droning on and on about ranks and stands. Put me off me porridge, that did.

Thanks all for the positive input and the usual good timegaming. I'll have notes around today or tomorrow.

By the bye, after you guys left, I put two my Prussians on the table v the French: very different feel, and a near run thing--mauled French and repulsed Prussians (even more mauled, perhaps the result of being repulsive?).