Sunday, September 30, 2012

ACW Naval Game (2)

Last Friday evening we got together at my friend George's house to play another session of the ACW Naval rules he's working on. This time the models we used were brought along by club member Peter - mostly the beautiful Thoroughbred 1:600 "Ironclads" line.

The game featured a mixed union fleet of 3 ironclads, three 'tin' clads and three wooden rams breaking a blockade of six Confederate 'tin' clad (cotton clad also couts as tin in the rules) rams and several batteries of shore guns.

New to this game were the first try at ramming rules which with some in-game changes worked quite well. There was also a refinement of the movement rules which was another good improvement.

I really think George has something with these rules. They're quite possibly the next big thing - fast play ACW naval rules. Sort of a 'DBA for the Mississippi'.

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Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

Looks like a blast! nice table too!