Thursday, October 11, 2012

Men Under Fire Play Test

Last Friday night we got together at my uncle's house to play our first game using Frank Chadwick's "Men Under Fire" WWII skirmish rules. Ralph's tabletop and figures were both beautiful and my first impression of the rules is that defensive fire from deployed medium and light machine guns is horrifically potent. That said a properly prepared offence with it's own crew-served weapons did seem to be effective in the attack. I think more playing will also hone our skills on offence. Personally I will be painting up British 'Tommies' and German Luftwaffe ground forces for 28mm WWII skirmish. Hopefully I can get dual use of the figures with Frank's rules and the Warlord Miniatures 'Bolt Action' rules which seem to be gathering steam in the local area.


PanzerKaput said...

What a wonderful looking table there and it looks great fun

Mike said...

I've played a few games with the playtest version and thought they were very good. I've played a couple of games of Bolt Action and I am not a fan.
That is a very good looking table.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I'm personally a big fan of Operation Squad so I'm not that tempted to try other rule sets although I will give it some thought of course.
If anything that's a fantastic looking table!