Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mercenary Greek Hoplites

This is a unit of Greek Hoplites that I purchased from the Ebay merchant Dragon Painting Service. This is their stock number "XYGR002". I used the Ebay feature 'make an offer' and purchased this unit for $64.00 plus shipping which is only a touch over $2.00 per figure for beautifully painted figures with hand painted shields and magnetic bases. This was a steal if there ever was one from the larger painting services.

This unit will become part of the core of offensive spear units in the Carthaginian army I'm building up for Field of Glory. With a core of offensive spears this army will be a good match for my Mid-Republican Roman and Seleucid armies. In our recent 2nd Punic war campaign I've gained a healthy respect for the Carthaginian army....enough respect to want one of my own!

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