Monday, December 17, 2012

15mm AWI Game

Last Friday night we got together at my friend George's house to play some wing scale AWI using Volley & Bayonet. George has recently finished construction on his wargame shed he calls 'the clubhouse' and it's quite a nice place to game.

The game was a return to wing scale V&B for Revolutionary War battles. Since it was George's first game in this scale in a few years we felt our way through the game and had a pleasant time. My friend Mike had some very nice sharpshooters which did quite a nice job of obliterating my force - see the dead on the windowsill. It was mostly an action of attrition as once he had done his damage my remaining force was able to kill his sharpshooters and push into the vacated woods only to be sent packing by another American regiment.

Wing scale V&B works nicely. I promised to put on one of my scenarios for George at an upcoming game night sometime this spring - probably April. I think it might just be time to revisit Monmouth courthouse again. That is one of my favorite scenarios for AWI V&B.

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DeanM said...

Fun looking game, AJ. My local crew hosts AWI game every now and then - have yet to get into the period myself, but the games are nice. Different from Napoleonics in that cavalry was used on a far smaller scale - if even present at some battles. Best, Dean